Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance for your Business

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur, home-based business or part of a larger firm, benefits are a very important part of your financial security. The Chambers Health Plan, serving the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and the Flamborough Chamber of Commerce, among others, lays a solid foundation for that security, based on a group benefit program designed specifically for you and your company!

Participation is Easy

All it takes is membership in a participating Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade, like the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce or the Flamborough Chamber of Commerce. Then your for-profit business, in any industry, is eligible for coverage. (Non-profits firms may also be eligible.)

Guaranteed Renewable

Once your benefit plan is in place, if you keep your Chamber membership and pay your premiums on time, your group has benefits. Your coverage is also non-cancellable. You're in control!

Great Rates

The Chambers Plan pools your claims with other participants. Pooling gives you a financial buffer, a practical way of keeping premiums stable, even if your firm's claims fluctuate. With pooling, premiums for some Chambers Plan benefits haven't changed for more than a decade.

Unbeatable Service

Skyway Life Insurance Brokers has been serving the Hamilton area for over 35 years. As your locally based Chambers Plan Advisors, we can provide answers when you need them. There is also a fully staffed service center, as well. You and your employees can call or fax us toll free, or go online.

Simplicity for Everyone

Employers can quickly administer the plan online spending less time working on the benefit plan leaving them more time to run the business. Employees have online access to their coverages as well PLUS exclusive access to our wellness website my-benefits health.

Contact us today for more information or to sign-up for great group health benefits!

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